Will bHip Global’s anti-aging products withstand the competition?

bHIP Global  is a Texas-based company that specializes in health and wellness products. The company was founded in 2007 by the husband and wife tandem of Terry and Jennifer LaCore and now has a presence in over 30 countries worldwide with plans to continue expanding globally. bHIP strives create a community that brings its promoters, members, and customers together using high-quality and scientifically-proven products.

However, the amount of reliable information about bHIP is somewhat limited, making the company’s outlook difficult to determine. It’s obviously a good sign that the company is proactive in expanding, but other than that it’s difficult to project much about the future of bHIP.

Sign-Up Cost: $49.95
The Good: Emerging presence in North America; quality and affordable products; generous compensation plan.
The Bad: Pressure on building a team; not accredited by Better Business Bureau; lack of information about company.


bHIP offers a line of products related to health and fitness. The company’s website lists a total of 10 products that are priced between $40 and $75. The 10 products are divided into four categories:
• Energy & Fitness
• Health & Wellness
• Personal Care
• Weight Management
The Energy & Fitness category includes four products. One is an antioxidant that supports the immune system; the next is an energy supplement designed for those with an active lifestyle. There is also a product specifically designed for men, which is tailored to their metabolic and hormonal needs, as well as a product just for women, which is designed to address women-specific health needs. According to mlmcompanies.org, they have one of the best women’s health supplements on the market.

The Health & Wellness category includes two products. The first is a juice that acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, offering a variety of health benefits. The second is a supplement that promotes recovery.

The Personal Care category includes just one product, a topical lubricant specifically for women to enhance sexual responsiveness.

The Weight Management category includes three products, two of which are shakes (one flavored chocolate and one flavored vanilla) that blend together vitamins, minerals, and other elements to create a low-calorie meal replacement.

The third product is a supplement that helps to boost metabolism and control one’s appetite. One of the more popular weight loss supplements on the market (view the complete list here).


bHIP welcomes users of its products to become members by purchasing the company’s Global Software System (GSS) for $49.95. The GSS provides everything the company believes is necessary for a distributor of bHIP products to run his or her own business. The GSS must then be renewed after 12 months if the member wants to continue in the business.

The bHIP compensation plan is complex, but the company’s website explains everything in good detail. To simply, here is a list of the ways bHIP members can make money:
• Retail Profit – A distributor’s retail profit is between 10% and 30% depending upon his or her rank in the company.
• Qualification Bonus – Sponsoring two members warrants a one-time bonus of $50.
• Direct Bonus – Sponsoring someone above the base level of associate warrants a one-time bonus of $20, $40, or $100 depending on the specific ranking.
• Team Bonus – A bonus that depends on the achievements of a sales team, capped at $30,000 per week.
• Leadership Bonuses – There are a variety of bonuses available to those whose sponsors move up the company ranks and continue to sponsor other members.

The Good

One of the most exciting parts of bHIP is that the business is just starting to emerge in North America. This means there are a limited number of distributors in this part of the world. Thus, older members have not saturated the market, which can often be the case with multi-level marketing firms. This opens up a world of possibilities for new members, who will have the opportunity to introduce customers to bHIP’s product line for the first time.

bHIP also has a product line that will enable a distributor to succeed in the direct sales industry. A majority of the 10 products listed on the company’s website fill a sizable niche in the market place, meaning there should be interest in them from the general population. More importantly, the products are affordable and priced comparably to others on the market. This may make it more difficult to earn large sums on retail sales, but it does open the door to volume sales.

Finally, the compensation plan offered by bHIP is more than fair. In August 2015, the company announced an updated compensation plan for the U.S. market, indicating high hopes for that market, as well as the opportunity for members to earn a variety of bonuses if they’re able to grow a competent sales team.

The Bad

The downside of bHIP’s new U.S. compensation plan, at least for some, is that it puts most of the pressure on a member’s ability to grow their team. Unless a distributor can rise through the company ranks by selling products in large volumes, retail commissions will be rather modest. The only other way to take advantage of the company’s generous compensation plan is to recruit others and create a rather large sales team, which forces members to sponsor others if they hope to make more than a few dollars.

The other concern with bHIP is the lack of credible information about the company, as well as its lack of endorsements. bHIP does not have accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, which could just mean they have not sought it, but the fact that the company doesn’t have this should raise an eyebrow (1). Moreover, there is a limited amount of information about the company from credible review sites and prominent business news sources. This is far from ideal for a company that has been in business for nearly a decade.


On the surface, bHIP appears to be a great company to join as a member. Its product line is both credible and affordable, and the compensation plan is quite enticing, especially for those who believe they can build a sales team. The possibility of joining the company when they are still in the early stages of exploring the U.S. market makes one want to jump aboard and not look back.

However, the possibilities that exist with bHIP should be taken with a grain of salt. The company does have some credibility and its website is open and forthcoming, but there’s so much we’ve yet to learn about the company. This uncertainty should make one at least a little nervous.

The start-up cost and the product costs are more than reasonable, which helps to lower the risk of joining. For those unafraid of taking chances without a full slate of information, bHIP may be worthwhile, but it’s a stretch.


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